Global Sky Tech (GST) has been working as an international consultant and trader particularly in Asia Pacific and Middle East. Many companies and governments organisations count on GST as a trustworthy source. Paper, Palm Oil, Wheat, Sugar, Rice etc are some of our trading fields.
During planning and performing marketing projects, we ahve established strong relationship with some of the best medical service providers in Malaysia. The diversity of these medical services is enormous and the quality of them is comparable to the best medical centers in the world.
GST offers special services to international companies and foreigners who like to work in Malaysia. Company Registration and getting Work Permit for shareholders and employees are the main aspects of these services.
GST also offers functional services in Design and Print industry to international companies and individuals. Finding the best price and quality is an important issue for all businesses but it's not easy to find for foreigners. Our fast and reliable services are the best choice in the case.
Running a business in all parts of the world needs a reliable advertising consultant.
GST offers diverse ways to promote your products and services in Malaysia to guarantee your success in your targeted market.
GST offers the best web services for small and medium business in reasonable prices.
We also support you in all your web and internet needs including web design, web hosting, domain registration and email marketing. So, just let us web you!
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